Air Washer & Pressurization System

MK Cooling – Air Washer & Pressurization System with cellulose paper pads, cross sectional, specially treated fluid media capable of
absorbing and retaining water to provide the maximum cooling inefficiencies. The cooling pad is cross-corrugated to maximize the mixing of air and water and eliminate water carryover.

Blowers-Statistically and dynamically balanced. Blowers motor mounted on anti vibration pad.

  • Bearings-Self-aligning pillow type (imported)
  • Filters – G.I. wiremesh filters / synthetic media.
  • Casing – G.I. Sheet/Precoated sheet with sandwich type panel
  • MK Cooling – Air Washer Units are designed for compactness and rigid

MK Cooling made Air Washer are useful for :

  • Hotels, Restaurants,Banquet halls, BIg Kitchens,Factories ,Production
  • Areas, Canteens and Plastic Industries,Food Processing Units, Cinema
    Halls, Generator Rooms, Auditoriums, Showrooms, etc.