Chilling Plant
CHILLING PLANTS: We offer an extensive array of Chilling Plant, Air Cooled Chilling Plant, and Water Cooled Chilling Plant which is designed and developed by our experts. A chilling plant is a mechanical device used to facilitate heat exchange from water to a refrigerant in a closed loop system. The refrigerant is then pumped to a location where the waste heat is transferred to the atmosphere. We offer our chilling plant with excellent efficiency and functions.

“MK” Cooling Process assures about good quality & trouble free running of its plants all around the year. Due to single Responsibility Covering Designing, Manufacturing, Installation and service by our experienced Engineers and always standing by to attend pre and post installation problem.


“MK” Chilling Plant is being manufactured from 3 TR to 100 TR capacities in compact design covering minimum floor area.

Our Chilling Plants have different features details as below:

COMPRESSOR: We are using Reciprocating/Scroll/Semi Hermetic compressor of reputed make like Copeland & Denfoss etc.

CONDENSER: Compact design shell and tube type/Fins & Tube type, it is being tested hydraulically at 20 Kg/cm2.

CHILLER: Condenser liquid refrigerant is being expanded in DX Type Chiller through expansion valve. Water is being circulated through Chiller shell side having baffles arrangement, chiller is also being manufactured and tested hydrostatically at 20 Kg/cm2 pressure.

CONTROLS: Low Pressure, High Pressure cutout, oil pressure control are is provided for the safety of plant. PLC/Thermostat is also provided for automatic tripping when temperature is achieved.


Our AllChilling Plant

Air Cooled Chilling Plant


Water Cooled Chilling Plant