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Technical Data Specifications required for New Cooling Tower:
Design Factor Design Data Design Factor Design Data
Hot water inlet Temp. (°C): Preferred MOC of Structure:
Cold water outlet Temp. (°C): Application:
Design Wet bulb Temp. (°C): No of Cells:
Water flow rate (M3PH ):  
For Repair, Revamping or Up-gradation
Design Factor Present Actual Data Design Data
Hot water inlet Temp. (°C): MOC of Fan:
Cold water outlet Temp. (°C): Has the tower revamped earlier?
Design Wet bulb Temp. (°C): If Yes when?
      How old is the tower? (Months)
Water flow rate (M3PH ):
Type of Fills:
Fan Diameter:
Total Power Consumption:
Motor HP (Rated):
Gear Box (Type/Make):
Gear Box (Reduction Ratio):
Length x Width x Height of tower:
Length x width x Depth of Basin:
Present problems in case of existing tower repairs or Upgradation