Water Treatment Chemicals

We have specialized in the line of Cooling Towers backed by 20 years of experience of M/s MIHIR ENGINEERS LTD, M/s BELL COOLING TOWERS PVT LTD

MK Chemicals supplies a range of high quality, descaling chemicals & water system cleaning chemicals for customer. Our team having over 20 years hand on exprience disinfecting & cleaning all kind of industrial & commercial water system so if you don’t fancy doing it your self we can do it for you. Our industrial water systems decaling & acid cleaning product are easy to use & come full technical support

Innovation Solution to prevent corrosion deposits & Microbiology

An optional heat transfer is the most important point in evey water cooled process. Scale, corrosion & biofuling negatively affect the heat transfer. Therefor, MK Chemicals develops customized solutionfor cooling & process water systems, based on the combined treatment of scale & fouling prevention, corrossion inhibition & biocides.

The proven MK Chemical concepts include the delivery & the systems specific dosing of chemicals as well as the continuous supprot of our customers.

What kind of systems does Mk Chemiclas take care off?

  • Once – through systems
  • Open cooling systems/cooling towers
  • Closed cooling circuits
  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Heating & sprinkler systems

Why us?

  • We are the manufacturers and suooliers of Descaling and Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Undertaking descaling job work in the clients premises
  • Proven products and in the market since a decade
  • We offer customized products according to specification of the clients
  • We deliver products within the stipulated time frame
  • Our products are offered at the most competitive prices
  • Excellent backup serivice form our team
  • Major clients frome automobile, plastic industries, food industry, Hotels, IT Sector etc.

Cooling Tower Chemical

  • M-Chem-1001Descalent
  • M-Chem-1002 Neutraliser (Passivator)

Anti Scaltent Chemicals For Regular Dossing

  • M-Chem-1003 ( Antiscalent /Scale Preventor
  • M-Chem-1004 (Micro Bioside)
  • M-Chem-1005 (PH Booster)
  • M-Chem-1006 (Alge Side)
  • M-Chem-1007 (Alkanity Reduser)
  • M-Chem-1008 (Scale / Crossion Inhibitor) (FOR CHILLER PLANT)

Boiler Treatment Chemical

  • M-Chan-2001(Cleaning or Dcscaling Chemical)
  • Liquid Form
  • Powder Form
  • M-Chem-2002 (Neutralizer)
  • M-Clicm-2003 (Antiscalcnt Chemical For Boiler)
  • M-Chem-2004 (Bioside)
  • M-Chem-2005 (PH Booster)
  • M-Chem-2006 (Oxygen Squcuger)
  • M-Clwtii-2007 Dessiorming Agent)

Others Special Chemicals

  • ETP Treatment Chemical (Also Available, Price Fluctuate on Day to day market)
  • STP Treatment Chemical
  • Softner Cleaning Chemical
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Metal Treatment Chemicals (Rust Remover, De-rusting, Degresing Chemicals)
  • Phospheting Chemicals

Losses in Boiler Due to scale

Thickness of scale

Increase in Fuel Consumption



Types of Corrosion

  • Generalized Corrosion
  • Pitting corrosion
  • Galvanic Corrosion
  • Microbiological Influenced Corrosion
  • Erosion Corrosion
  • Corrosion Under Insulation Corrosion

Boiler Blowdown % Formulae

Average Feed Water TDS*100
Maximum TDS allowed for the boiler

Cuase of Alage/Bacteria

Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria
MIC Bacteria
Iron/Sulphur Oxidizing
Slime-Forming Bacteria
Iron/Manganese Depositing Bacteria

Corrosion Reaction

2Fe + O2 + H2O 2Fe(OH)
(Oxygen Corrosion)
Fe + Co2 + H2O FeCO3H2
(CO2 Corrosion)
2Fe + 2H2O FeO4 + 4H2
(Electrochemical Corrosion)

Cause of Algae/Bacteria

1 ppm (Part Per Million) = 1 milligram
1m3 (Metre Cube) = 1000 Liters
1 Gallon = 1/1000 of an inch
1 Kg/Cm2 = 14.2 PSI