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Your comfort is our top priority. We make sure you feel at ease and well-cared for. We care about making you feel at ease and relaxed. Your well-being is our top concern.

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Affordable, Reliable, and Efficient

Affordable, Reliable, and Efficient means something is not too expensive you can depend on it to work well and it does its job without wasting time or resources.

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A cooling tower is the need of all industries. It is a heat rejection device, the function of which is to extracts waste heat to the atmosphere by the process of cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature. Common applications for cooling towers are to provide cooler water for air-conditioning, manufacturing and for generating electricity.

We are the leading cooling tower manufacturers renowned for our quality product and the best price. Being a specialized cooling tower manufacturer we have cooling towers in different types which are available in different size. Our expertise ensures that there is no compromise on the material.


Our Products:

With a commitment to innovation, reliability, and exceptional performance, we’ve been at the forefront of cooling solutions for years. Our cooling towers are designed to keep your industrial processes running smoothly and efficiently.


Our Strength:


Production Facilities

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Our Services
  • Manufacturing of FRP/Wooden cooling towers in Induced and Forced draft counter flow cross flow type.
  • Manufacturing of Water Cooled and Air Cooled and oil Chilling Plants.
  • FRP cooling towers in Multi cell construction.
  • Repair & Maintenance of all make cooling towers.
  • Repair & Maintenance of all make Chilling Plants.
  • Manufacturing of FRP & Cast aluminum alloy axial flow fans.
  • Inspection, evaluation, up gradation and system enhancement.
  • FRP coating in pipe lines and other MS structures etc.
  • Water Treatment Plants & Chemicals.
  • water softner/Air Dryer/Air Receiver Tanks
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"I was struggling to keep my factory equipment cool until I found MK Cooling Systems. Their cooling towers are a game-changer my machines run smoothly and my workers are happier."

Mahesh Sharma

"MK Cooling Systems products are a breeze to install and maintain. They've saved us time and money, and our cooling needs are met without a hitch."

Anita Yadav

"As an HVAC technician, I've worked with many cooling systems. MK Cooling Systems towers are top-notch. They are reliable and efficient, and my clients are always satisfied with the results."

Rajesh Singh

"Keeping the kitchen cool is vital for our restaurant. MK Cooling Systems our kitchen never heats up and our chefs are always in a comfortable environment. Their cooling towers are a savior."

Sunil Jain


Our Clients:

MK Cooling Industries has been fortunate to serve a wide range of clients over the years. Our clients come from various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, and more. They trust us for our cooling solutions because we provide them with reliable, efficient, and cost-effective cooling systems.


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The Environmental Benefits of MK Cooling Systems


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