Cooling Towers Components


COOLING TOWERS: Direct access to internal part helping easy maintenance and repairPVC Honeycomb Fills : Honeycomb type PVC fills are used for extended area having a high heat transfer efficiency, The crossing of air and water stream in close proximity, which creates a diffused turbulence conductive to evaporation and efficient heat transfer , All PVC fills are double folded with a automatic drainage system, Producing a favorable pressure drop and a good protection against erosion . They are glued by automatic process and manufactured with German design ensuring a maximum drift 0.001% under stranded design conditions . The sub- distribution pipes are made of rigid PVC with testing pressure 6 KM/cm2 Aluminum Sprinkler : MK’s special designed rotary sprinkle head is maid of aluminum alloy to avoid corrosion ,also fitted wit h sealed ball bearing to take care of thrust and radial load . It rotates at 10 RPM by the reaction for e from the circulating after that is discharged at low pressure out holes along PVC / HDPE pipes screwed in to a rotating head Electric Motor : Special low RPM totally enclosed motors of vertical, flange type with enlarged and threaded shaft and sealed top is supplied with the cooling tower, the motor is totally weather proof in IP 55 construction suitable for heated and humid atmosphere
Aluminum Fan Assembly : Aluminum Fan Assembly is of aerodynamic design, axial flow type to achieve better efficiency.M K’s Fan is made of adjustable FRP/Aluminum alloy blades that ensure large airflow at low static pressure, thus fan blades can change fan power consumption.


Aluminum Fan Assembly

Aluminum Sprinkler

Electric Motor

FRP Fan Assembly

PVC Honeycomb Fills

PVC Eliminator