About Our Company

MK Cooling Systems specializes in the design, manufacturing, and servicing of cooling towers and chiller plants. Our products are supplied to a wide range of markets including industrial, refrigeration, steel, Oil & Gas, pharmaceutical, food, and HVAC industries. We pride ourselves on providing the most efficient cooling solutions for every application. Our products are thoughtfully designed to meet high standards of thermal performance, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability. With our proven track record and innovative solutions, MK Cooling Systems offers the best performing products on the market.

Through our commitment to sound and ongoing research and development, MK Cooling Systems is dedicated to delivering premium quality products and optimal cooling solutions to all of our customers. We have continuously evolved and adapted to meet the ever-changing demands and challenges of the market.

MK Cooling Systems Pvt. Ltd., commonly referred to as MK, understands that the effectiveness of our Cooling Tower & Chillers is truly tested in industries post-installation rather than in the factory. Hence, we are dedicated to providing customer support both prior to and after the installation process.

Our pricing ensures that you receive the utmost value for a Non-Corrosive Cooling Tower & Refrigeration-based Chiller Unit. The fusion of our distinctive one-piece casing design and the utilization of cutting-edge technology positions our Chiller Plant & Cooling towers as some of the finest options accessible in the market.

Being a frontrunner in the field, we have gained a competitive edge in every kind of cooling tower project, regardless of their scale or design. Our dedication towards meeting the evolving demands of the industry has driven us to consistently explore innovative approaches. Consequently, we have emerged as a prominent player, offering comprehensive services as an engineering, design, and repair contractor, and maintaining a strong foothold in the market.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is derived from our core principles and reads as follows: “Focus is on delivering Quality.” We anticipate consumer, industrial, and scientific demands and deliver great products and services that improve people’s lives and businesses by providing dependable, pleasant, and competitive solutions.

Our Vision

Strive to be the world’s top company in the production of cooling towers, chiller plants, and services.

Leadership Team

Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. R B Yadav, the esteemed founder and Chairman of MK Cooling Systems Pvt. Ltd., possesses extensive expertise in the field of Cooling Towers Manufacturing, Marketing, Erection, and Commissioning since 1985. His instrumental role in overseeing the company’s performance and guiding its operations has propelled it to new heights. Mr. Yadav’s down-to-earth nature and practical expertise effectively convey the company’s vision, inspiring both the staff and customers alike