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Screw chiller

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As a screw chiller manufacturer we assure excellent reliability to the buyers. The screw chiller manufactured here is efficient in working and operate without any harm to the environment. Screw chiller incorporates significant breakthroughs in water-cooled chiller technology to meet superior efficiency.We as a screw chiller manufacturer have different and all kind of screw chillers needed as it is important to have a right chiller that is more efficient at full or part load. Since rating is independent of efficiency we recommend the buyers to analyze the complete chilled water system. As a leading screw chiller seller we assure the timely and quality delivery. The company being into the screw chiller manufacturing since decades is well equipped to fulfill any amount of bulk orders. We assure the easy availability of internal components with assured after sale services. We are renowned as a screw chiller manufacturer in industry for our quality, price and services.Water Cooled Screw Chiller. We manufacture a quality range of water cooled screw chillers which is renowned by our buyers for its optimum performance. As a screw chillers manufacturer we ensure that both the designing and development of the screw chillers meet international standards.The range of Screw Chillers manufacture here includes Air Cooled Screw Chiller and Water Cooled Screw Chiller. Design with latest technology and use of robust for construction we ensure that they are energy efficient. The quality of these chillers is that they include optimized screw compressor, highly efficient DX cooler, condenser, highly efficient copper tubes which are incorporated in the chiller. These units have a low input and are thoroughly tested to ensure both quality and protection.MK Cooling Systems Pvt. Ltd. has wide range of chillers available with Screw, Scroll, Semi sealed / Reciprocating Compressors Customized to Customer need to meet their requirements .

Chillers are available ranging temperature from 25 Degree up to (-)50Degree.

Common specification for the above water/ air cooled screw chillers units

Compressor Semi Hermetic Screw

compressor (Single / Double Compressor)

Chiller Type Shell & Tube type with Doubly

enhanced copper pipes.
Condenser Type Shell & tube type with integral fin technology (Water Cooled) Aluminium Fins around copper pipes. (Air Cooled)

Refrigerant R22/R134a/R407C

Capacity Adjustment 25% to 100% adjustable

Protection Device Safe Valve, HP/LP Switch, High Dis. Temp. Protector, Timer Delay, Phase Open. Phase Reverse, Overload Protection, Freeze Protection, oil separator.

To know more about the screw chillers manufactured here send us an enquiry and we will come back to you at the earliest.

Features of Water/Air- Cooled Screw Chillers

  • Innovative Design
  • very low input KW/TR
  • CFC free refrigerants.
  • Robust in construction
  • Developed with state of art technology
  • Liquid injection for enhanced compressor life
  • MCS Microprocessor/PLC
  • based/electromechanical
  • Heat exchanger design as per

The Salient Features of Screw Compressors:

  • Built – in oil separator
  • PTC motor winding protection
  • Latest 5 to 6 patented profile design
  • Highly reliable, efficient and low noise levels
  • Oil level switch and oil different pressure switch.
  • Discharge temperature protection with it’s controller
  • Tested in accordance with ARI / European standards.