Water Treatment Chemicals

We have specialized in the line of Cooling Towers backed by 20 years of experience of M/s MIHIR ENGINEERS LTD, M/s BELL COOLING TOWERS PVT LTD

Water Treatment Chemicals

MK Chemicals supplies a range of high quality, descaling chemicals & water system cleaning chemicals for customer. Our team having over 20 years hand on exprience disinfecting & cleaning all kind of industrial & commercial water system so if you don’t fancy doing it your self we can do it for you. Our industrial water systems decaling & acid cleaning product are easy to use & come full technical support

Innovation Solution to prevent corrosion deposits & Microbiology

An optional heat transfer is the most important point in evey water cooled process. Scale, corrosion & biofuling negatively affect the heat transfer. Therefor, MK Chemicals develops customized solutionfor cooling & process water systems, based on the combined treatment of scale & fouling prevention, corrossion inhibition & biocides.

The proven MK Chemical concepts include the delivery & the systems specific dosing of chemicals as well as the continuous supprot of our customers.

What kind of systems does Mk Chemiclas take care off?

Once – through systems
Open cooling systems/cooling towers
Closed cooling circuits
Air-conditioning systems
Heating & sprinkler systems
Why us?

We are the manufacturers and suooliers of Descaling and Water Treatment Chemicals
Undertaking descaling job work in the clients premises
Proven products and in the market since a decade
We offer customized products according to specification of the clients
We deliver products within the stipulated time frame

Our products are offered at the most competitive prices
Excellent backup serivice form our team
Major clients frome automobile, plastic industries, food industry, Hotels, IT Sector etc.
Cooling Tower Chemical

M-Chem-1002 Neutraliser (Passivator)
Anti Scaltent Chemicals For Regular Dossing

M-Chem-1003 ( Antiscalent /Scale Preventor
M-Chem-1004 (Micro Bioside)
M-Chem-1005 (PH Booster)
M-Chem-1006 (Alge Side)
M-Chem-1007 (Alkanity Reduser)
M-Chem-1008 (Scale / Crossion Inhibitor) (FOR CHILLER PLANT)

Boiler Treatment Chemical

M-Chan-2001(Cleaning or Dcscaling Chemical)
Liquid Form
Powder Form
M-Chem-2002 (Neutralizer)
M-Clicm-2003 (Antiscalcnt Chemical For Boiler)
M-Chem-2004 (Bioside)
M-Chem-2005 (PH Booster)
M-Chem-2006 (Oxygen Squcuger)
M-Clwtii-2007 Dessiorming Agent)
Others Special Chemicals

ETP Treatment Chemical (Also Available, Price Fluctuate on Day to day market)
STP Treatment Chemical
Softner Cleaning Chemical
Heat Exchanger
Metal Treatment Chemicals (Rust Remover, De-rusting, Degresing Chemicals)
Phospheting Chemicals

Losses in Boiler Due to scale

Thickness of scaleIncrease in Fuel Consumption
LTypes of Corrosion
  • Generalized Corrosion
  • Pitting corrosion
  • Galvanic Corrosion
  • Microbiological Influenced Corrosion
  • Erosion Corrosion
  • Corrosion Under Insulation Corrosion
Boiler Blowdown % Formulae
Average Feed Water TDS*100
Maximum TDS allowed for the boiler
Cuase of Alage/Bacteria
Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria
MIC Bacteria
Iron/Sulphur Oxidizing
Slime-Forming Bacteria
Iron/Manganese Depositing Bacteria
Corrosion Reaction
2Fe + O2 + H2O 2Fe(OH)
(Oxygen Corrosion)
Fe + Co2 + H2O FeCO3H2
(CO2 Corrosion)
2Fe + 2H2O FeO4 + 4H2
(Electrochemical Corrosion)
Cause of Algae/Bacteria
1 ppm (Part Per Million) = 1 milligram
1m3 (Metre Cube) = 1000 Liters
1 Gallon = 1/1000 of an inch
1 Kg/Cm2 = 14.2 PSI